1. What are our bestsellers?

Zubuchon, Boneless Zububelly, Dinuguan, and Slow-cooked Adobo. We also have Zubudagat (seafood dishes) on our menu which are bestsellers too!

2. Do you have a branch in Manila?

No, not yet.

3. Why does your lechon skin have a different color?

Our lechon skin is the true natural color. We spray our pigs with fresh coconut water and wipe it with olive oil before cooking. Other lechons that are much darker are often brushed with soy sauce,  sugar water, or other ingredients.

4. Why is your lechon different from others?

  • We try to do things the old-fashion way, with a few updated ingredients.
  • All pigs are backyard-raised, not from commercial piggeries, so they are likely to have more free movement and muscle, less fat.
  • We stuff them with local, organic ingredients, and DO NOT USE ANY MSG AT ALL
  • We roast them over charcoal.
  • We prick the skin on purpose.
  • We use only pure sea salt, not iodized salt.

5. Can we bring Zubuchon lechon to Manila? How do we do it?

  • Freshly Packed and Frozen Zubuchon are available in the pre-departure area of Mactan International Airport for 24 hours. Or you may wish to call and place your order from any of our other Zubuchon outlets (see Branches in Home Page pls.)
  • If you are waiting until the next day or many hours later, you may want to bring Frozen Zubuchon and re-heat it instead.